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SHIFT - Two Tools for Leading Into What's Next


As the world outside your church continues to change, it is clear that the delta variant discoveries, re-masking mandates, and vaccination polarization will continue to create changes inside your church as well. These shifts extend well beyond regathering people for worship or groups, into the long-term necessity to mobilize the body of Christ for everyday impact.

There’s no “silver bullet” solution for navigating the new world of transformational ministry ahead. However, Auxano’s first Future Casting webinar of the fall ministry season seeks to equip you in starting these hard, but healthy, conversations among your leadership.

On the SHIFT webinar, Auxano Senior Lead Navigators Greg Gibbs and Bryan Rose gave context to the source of broken identity (hint: it’s not COVID-19) and brought clarity to the needs of the key people groups of your church (hint: it’s going to take some listening). You’ll get two killer tools to apply immediately with your team as you plan for the next six months of ministry.

The webinar may have concluded, but when you register here, you will get all the tools Bryan and Greg discussed, as well as a video replay and additional resources.