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The 12-Hour Vision Plan


We asked an AI for a list of things that take 12 hours to complete, and here are a few highlights:

  • Traveling a long distance, including a transcontinental flight.
  • Cooking and preparing a large, elaborate meal for a special occasion.
  • Preparing, clearing, then painting and rearranging a room in your home.
  • Completing a full day of work or classes, including commuting time.
  • Having a major medical procedure or surgery, including pre- and post-op.
  • Conducting a deep clean and organization of your garage.

Only the first two sound like much fun. The other four fall into the “necessary but not very exciting” category. As humans, it’s natural to prioritize fun over necessity. However, as leaders, we understand the critical need to embrace less exciting but critical tasks that produce more fruit than fun.

What if you and your leadership team could spend 12 hours working on naming God’s better future for your church and have an energetic, collaborative time while doing it?

Wouldn’t it make sense to invest 12 hours sometime in May or June to lead throughout September and October filled with energy and clarity? Now is the perfect time to schedule a two-day vision planning retreat with your team.

On Tuesday, April 23, Auxano Senior Lead Navigator Mike Gammill will join host Bryan Rose in our latest Clarity First Conversation. Mike and Bryan will unpack a series of critical vision development principles that, when applied over a 12-hour (or so) vision planning process, will change how you and your team lead toward God’s better future. We’ve seen these 12 hours spread over two to three months or as a part of an intensive retreat. As a bonus, Mike will also teach attendees to identify and diffuse four team dynamics that ALWAYS kill healthy conversation and collaboration on church teams. Mike is our team-building specialist, and we cannot wait for you to hear how he helps teams lead the way forward together.

Register now to reserve your spot in this live digital event.

Here’s the bottom line: anything worth pursuing requires investment. It’s time to stop wishing for a healthier, more mature church and start planning for one. Jump into the next Clarity First Conversation and hear how investing 12 hours can turn wishes into strategies and possibilities into plans. It’s time to teach your team that being fruitful can also be fun! We’ll see you on April 23 at 11:00 am EDT.