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The Organization Energy Gauge


In the weeks and months leading up to Easter, most church teams ramp up their planning and preparation.

A feeling is creeping into the leadership of many church teams. It likely began a few weeks ago, with creatives gathering and conceiving key service elements. Then, the feeling moved outward through age-graded ministry leaders planning higher engagement and excitement than the typical Sunday morning. Adult education and discipleship ministers are refocusing their group leaders toward the church's guest and kids' environments for one Sunday.

Here's what to call this feeling: FOCUS.

Church teams find unwavering focus on one goal a few times a year. Easter is the most universal of these moments. Christmas and back-to-school would round out the "Top Three Most Focused" Sundays. In the weeks leading up to these high-water services, all our planning energy and church leadership point in one direction, and usually, there's only a singular definition of success. Effectiveness on these Sundays has everything to do with the Holy Spirit's work and a lot to do with a prayerful focus on that work!

So, what's happening the other 49 weeks of the year? When a shared focus isn't present among your leadership team, something else surely will be. Naming what's inhibiting focused energy is the first step to 52-week productivity in your church.

That's why we've created the Organization Energy Gauge (the OEG – pronounced "the EGG"). Developed by the tool-making team of Navigators at Auxano, the OEG names three kinds of energy that frustrate the focus and deplete the effectiveness of your leadership. By identifying these energy imposters, your church leadership team will move into alignment and lead in unison every Sunday.

In our March Clarity First Conversation, Jim Randall and Bryan Rose walked through the Organization Energy Gauge tool. They talked about focused energy when most of us naturally experience it the most: Easter weekend. There's no better moment than right now to evaluate where the energy leaks from your leadership team and discover how to re-find focus when it does.

Take advantage of this timely conversation with Jim and Bryan and learn to leverage the power of focused energy with your team.

After all, there's no better feeling in leadership than focus!