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The Problem with Disciple-making


Discipleship has always been valued and talked about in the church, but in recent years it seems to be even more of a trending topic in conversations with church leaders.

Countless programs, books, methods, websites, conferences, and strategies abound. Given this wide array of different resources, disciple-making is on the rise - but is the church growing?

The reality is often that while our knowledge about God is increasing, our practice of being a follower of God is decreasing. What would it look like if our discipling of others was less an act of technique and mastering content, and instead more about following the Master?

Discipleship is the task on which Jesus focused His efforts and invested most of His time and energy. The founding of the whole Christian movement began with 11 men and has extended into the 21st century – based on the practice of becoming a disciple who makes other disciples.

And yet, the current reality is dim.

We may have and use the historical language of discipleship, but the church’s actual practice of it is far from consistent or being considered successful.

We can no longer allow ourselves to act as if more of the same program-centric thinking and doing is going to bring about fundamentally different disciple-making results.

Bryan Rose, Senior Lead Navigator, unpacked that last statement during our May Future Casting webinar, The Problem with Disciple Making.

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