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ClarityFirst co::Lab

Where will you turn when the next steps no longer seem clear?

Auxano's Clarity First co::Lab is a six-month coaching/consulting process that equips churches to navigate their ministry through the complete assessment, articulation, and alignment of the church’s Vision Frame.

Here's what you can expect from the co::Lab process:

Experience individual attention as each co::Lab will limited group size.

Bring a team from your church (up to 5 leaders) into a forward-leaning collaborative environment.

Create a healthy pace for your leadership with six sessions over six months, 4 hours each session.

Learn through monthly group coaching calls between sessions with Navigators.

Engage with proven tools from the Clarity First process specialists at Auxano.

This co::Lab will start in August; find out details using the button below.

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Your Clarity First movement begins with this simple question: How does our church glorify God and make disciples in a way that no other church might because of WHERE we are, WHO we are, and WHAT God has given us a passion toward?

It is from the Vision Frame that pastors and church leaders will have the confidence that there is no better way to articulate the identity and direction of your church. It is from the Vision Frame that your church will experience the dynamic of strategic unity.

The following list outlines the specific components of the Vision Frame and DNA that participants will be coached and equipped to navigate with their church:

  • Kingdom Concept
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Strategy
  • Outcomes
  • Vision Proper Horizon Storyline

In addition to the primary components of the Vision Frame, the process will provide coaching on:

  • Identifying growth challenges
  • Training for the ongoing process of leading and planning based on the Vision Frame
  • Collaborative ideation and decision making strategies
  • General branding and marketing assessment and recommendations

Navigated by Auxano, the Clarity First co::Lab uses five irreducible questions of leadership to guide the process and help you articulate the identity and direction of your church.

CF vision frame overview

Clarity isn’t everything you will deal with as a church leader, but it changes how you deal with everything in church leadership.